Clinique:Blushwear Cream Stick (Shy Blush)

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Product Name: Clinique:Blushwear Cream Stick (Shy Blush)

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Product Description

-All Skin Types

- Convenient touch-on, stay on, cream-to-powder cheek colour.
-Glides over the skin with fingertip control.
-Blend easily.
-blush stays see-through while it builds in natural colour.
-Transfer-and water resistant.

-For the most natural-looking blush, use the two-finger rule as your guide: start colour about two-finger-widths from the nose.
-Apply Blushwear Cream Stick on the apples of cheeks.
-Use your fingertips to softly blend colour along cheekbone with smooth, upward strokes.
-For best results, use after foundation or apply directly to skin before using powder.