Cash Rebate with purchase of 2 single items/packages or above *

Product UnitRebate
1RM 0
2RM 5
3RM 7
4RM 10
5RM 14
6RM 17
7RM 20
8RM 23
9RM 26
10RM 30
11RM 34
12RM 38
13RM 42
14RM 46
15RM 51
16RM 56
17RM 61
18RM 66
19RM 71
20RM 77


Buyer A
Product CodePrice (RM)QuantityRebate (RM)Payment (after rebate)
A0001RM 205RM 14RM100 – RM14= RM 86
Buyer A can enjoy RM 14 rebate as he has purchased 5 product units

Buyer B
Product CodePrice (RM)QuantityRebate (RM)Payment (after rebate)
A0005RM 901RM 0RM90
* There is no rebate for this transaction as the buyer B only purchased for 1 product unit (even it is 10 sets mask packages)

*Enjoy cash rebate with purchase of minimum 2 (single items/package) or above.
*NOT including the product categories of Accessories.
*Please be informed that the cash rebate above is cannot be combined with any other rebate/voucher or gift. Thank you very much.