Hot Selling Product is Back - Shiseido:The Skincare Moisture Relaxing Mask

Price: RM 26.00

Product Code: SH 1019
Product Name: Shiseido:The Skincare Moisture Relaxing Mask
Size/Weight: 5ml

Product Description

- A relaxing treatment mask that pampers skin as it increases moisture balance.
- This dual-function item imparts a feeling of relaxation while treating stressed skin, and leaves a healing sensation of being gently bathed in cool water.
- Skin is healthier because of energizing effect of Moisture Relaxing Mask and massage.
- Massaging stimulates the skin.

- Apply morning and/ night after cleansing skin.
- Apply generously to face and massage into skin using gentle spiral motions.
- Allow 2-3 minutes for mask to be absorbed.
- Tissue off or rinse off with cool or lukewarm water.